Currency from bones crypto

Currency: From Bones Crypto

Dr. Hanafi Sofyan

Solusi Bangun Nusantara

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Sofyan, Hanafi

Currency: From Bones Crypto, Hanafi Sofyan

                Cet. 1- Jakarta: SBN Publika, 2019

  • xii,  ……….. hlm, 21 cm
  • ISBN 978-623-91839-1-2
  •                                                 I. Judul
  • Pertama kali diterbitkan dalam Bahasa Indonesia oleh Penerbit Solusi Bangun Nusantara, Agustus 2019, Jakarta

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History of money: From China to Dinnar

Brettonwoods to Petrodollar

Reserve currency and means of value

Exhange rate as strategy

Cripto: redesign currency regime

The future role of central bank


Blockchain and Criptocurrency

Rupiah and Crypto: Lessons from India


History of money is full of mystery and horror.  From the real value, gold and oil reserve, war money, commodity pricing, the story goes how British empire end the Gold Standard, and the Fed print greenback and T-bills. Money no longer based on collateral of gold reserve; but printed with debt. Money circulated and real value based on unreal money and superpower pointing gun. That was the story where the Fed and the speculator got their hayday.

Who print the money, is the seigniorage matter and what about face value vs force value? Is there Fort Knock or deep well pit full of gold digger?  Money as weapon to turn over regime and funding Kudeta. The world fed up and ask for the end of Brettonwood system

There Russian looking for alternative and to end US domination with the financial crises occurred and the hedge fund collapse. Satoshi Nakamoto introduce Crypto and Bitcoin and the new game plan with view merchant in different countries accepting BTC and ETH to replace green back.

Rich country in Middle East also want to disentangled from US influence and started to talk about Syaria currency and Crypto Dinnar. Not to mention China with Alipay and India using blockchain to improve financial inclusion meaning the end of Greenback is coming.

Central bankers considering cryoto as their currency. Whither Indonesia? This book discusses the history, present  tren and future possibilities of the end of Brettonwood and US dollar as international currency, and what is the prospect of Rupiah Crypto.                                                                                   

Hanafi Sofyan PhD