Delivering Impact Investment

Delivering Impact Investment

Dr. Hanafi Sofyan

Solusi Bangun Nusantara

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Sofyan, Hanafi

Delivering Impact Investment, Hanafi Sofyan

                Cet. 1- Jakarta: SBN Publika, 2019

  • xii,  278 hlm, 21 cm
  • ISBN 978-623-91839-6-7
  •                                                 I. Judul
  • Pertama kali diterbitkan dalam Bahasa Indonesia oleh Penerbit Solusi Bangun Nusantara, Agustus 2019, Jakarta

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What is Impact Investment?

Why it is matter?

Triple bottom line and 3Ps

Ethical business with ethical investment

Positive and Negative Impacts compared

A new green business strategy

Still making profit while doing good

Lessons learn


Action needed


Investment world has a call on ethical practices post financial crises in the US and Europe in 2008-9. The worlds of hedge fund and rough derivative traders were contained, and a new standard of People, Planet and Profit (3P) has been floating around investment house as well as fund managers. Financial institutions have been asked to look after and responsible of their clients’ behavior. Paris Agreement calls for low carbon emission economies, while Equator Principles calls for sustainability compliance. Indonesia therefore has to make adjustment by opening op transparency and non-exclusionary treatment to big clients who have negative impact on society and environment. A call has been made to care for earth and climate and avoiding moral hazard to community at large where companies operated. Traditional community development and CSR have been unchecked and lack of transparency; therefore the burden now is put to the financiers, investors to look after their clients sustainability reporting and ethical business.

This book is to help Indonesian on understanding what is impact investment and how to deliver best effort to achieve positive impact given the depth and width of investment is low compared to neighboring countries; and therefore in inviting more investor to come by not compromising the social and environmental impacts to the peoples, planet while still making profit. It is a new strategy in delivering win-win business and requires international standard of sustainability.

Hanafi Sofyan PhD