Sustainable Financing

Sustainable Financing

Dr. Hanafi Sofyan

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Sofyan, Hanafi

Sustainable Financing, Hanafi Sofyan

                Cet. 1- Jakarta: SBN Publika, 2019

  • xii,  ……….. hlm, 21 cm
  • ISBN 978-623-91839-8-1
  •                                                 I. Judul
  • Pertama kali diterbitkan dalam Bahasa Indonesia oleh Penerbit Solusi Bangun Nusantara, Agustus 2019, Jakarta

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SDG and Corporate Sustainable Reporting

Sustainable Standard

Equator Principles

Paris Agreement

Financing Green Business

Financing Low Carbon program

Moral, Social and Environmental Hazard

Indonesia and SDGs: Green Growth

Clean Energy and Waste Management

Law Enforcement

Consumer Power

Time to change: toward sustainable business


This book will explore the new principles in corporate finance, and in fulfilling the requirement for sustainability reporting. Most corporate executives dealing with internal and external corporate issues as well as managing product and service as well as market competition while thinking strategically for future sustainability of business. But, they are late in adjusting to new rules and regulations or to new protocols and international agreement without assistance from consultant, business association gathering and briefing, or attending International Seminar.

This book aimed at helping corporate executives in understanding what is going on in financing rules and code of conduct, so they can formulate strategy accordingly without jeopardizing the potential to gain profits and not creating liabilities and risk for financing partners.                                                                                

Hanafi Sofyan PhD